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Business Setup Services In UAE and Oman

Establishment of Companies Services:

We assist all workers from all nationalities in:

¤  Companies Establishment.
¤  Establish a service agent.
¤  Establishment of Sole.
¤  Sponsorship for types of institutions and licenses for all activities in the UAE and Oman.

We provide our services to any national who have aim of business in UAE and OMAN We can eastablish any kind of company in the listed countries (UAE & Oman).

Starting a Business Setup in Dubai, UAE

     1. Select the type of Business setup in UAE

Selecting the type of business/commercial activity that you want to do company setup in Dubai, will identify the options regarding the legal form of the company and the parties associated with that activity.

Business types in UAE are mainly categorized into:

  • → Commercial (Trading)
  • → professional (Vocational)
  • → Industrial

Company can be categorized into:

Joint Liability Company :   A joint liability company can conduct only commercial and industrial activities.

Limited Liability Company (LLC) :   Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) can conduct any industrial, commercial, professional and tourism business. Some professional business is not permitted and others require additional approvals.

Public Joint Stock Company :   A public joint stock company can practice any industrial, commercial or professional business activities.

Private Joint Stock Company :   A Private joint stock company can conduct only commercial and industrial activities.

Civil company :   Under a civil company, professional businesses in recognized fields such as medicine, law, engineering and accountancy are allowed.

Branch of a local or GCC Company :   A branch of a local or GCC company can conduct activities included on the main company license.

Branch of a foreign company :   A branch of a foreign company can conduct selected commercial and professional activities; same as what the head office conducts.

Branch of a free zone company :   A branch of a free zone company can conduct commercial, industrial and professional businesses as long as the activity of the main company is authorized on the mainland.

Sole establishment :   A business owner can practice any industrial, commercial or professional business activities. An industrial or commercial type sole proprietorship is only permitted for UAE nationals or GCC nationals The UAE Cabinet may also restrict some activities to be exercised exclusively by UAE nationals.

     2. Trade name registration

A trade name distinguishes one business from another. It also reflects the nature and the form of the business.

For DED to approve the name, the trade name:
  •            must not violate the public morals or the public order of the country
  •            must be followed by the legal form of the company, for example (LLC, EST, PJSC, PrJSC)
  •            must not have been previously registered
  •            must be compatible with the required type of activity and the legal status of the company or business entity
  •            should not contain names of any religion, or governing authority, nor names or logos of any external bodies.


  •            Trade names are subject to cancellation at the end of booking period.
  •            The company may change its name into another by special resolution, provided the change will not affect its rights and obligations.

     3. Obtaining initial approval

After seeking the initial approval that you can proceed for additional approvals of authorities other than the DEDs which is required in case of certain business/trading activities.

Note for foreign investors:

  •            Foreign investors must obtain the approval of the General Directorate of Residency and
  •            Foreigners' Affairs before getting the initial approval. The initial approval does not allow a person to practice the activity, unless a commercial license is duly             issued, as a last step of the process.

     4. Choosing a location for your business

All businesses must have a physical address. The applicants must determine a site to conduct their businesses. The location must comply with the requirements set out by the Department of Economic Development in the respective emirate and the zoning regulations of the local municipalities.
In Dubai, you need to show a rent agreement (MoU) for the proposed location of your business and this must be registered with Ejari for attestation. You can add a new trade licence to the same location. In Dubai, you need to consider the following:

  • 1. The local party of the new license is the same owner, partner or LSA in the existing licence of the desired location.
  • 2. The total number of licences owned by the local party does not exceed 10 licences per location.
  • 3. The space of location allocated for each licence should not be less than 200 sq. ft.

Our services

We can help you look for your business location, where the prices ranges according to the area and the location:
1. In the city the offices prices starts from 19,000 Dhs
2. Outside the city and in the industrial areas offices prices starts from 15,000 Dhs
3. For the exhibitions the differer depending on the location of the exhibition
4. Obtaining approvals of relevant authorities
Sometimes approvals of bodies other than the DEDs are required. These bodies are the entities governing respective activities. For example, businesses that:
conduct insurance activities must obtain the approval of Ministry of Economy
conduct transport activities must obtain the approval of Ministry of Interior
offer legal consultancies must abstain the approval of Ministry of Justice
sell firefighting equipment must obtain the approval of Civil Defence.
Applicants should seek the assistance of DED to know what other approvals are required.
Business activities that fall under the DED's control do not require any additional activity-specific licensing approvals.

     5. Getting your business license

After completing the steps above, you need to:
• submit all the documents to DED in the respective emirate
• finalise due payments. Then, you can get your business licence.

     6. Chamber membership

You need to apply to become a member of the chamber of commerce in the emirate you operate in, before you can commence with your business activity.

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